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saddle & CLEAT fitting



Buying a saddle can be one of the most confusing areas of cycling with a wide range of sizes and shapes available. As comfort while riding is a significant solution to improving your cycling, using the correct saddle is vitally important.

To help your decision making we offer a saddle fitting service which includes measuring your sit-bone width using the RETUL Digital Sitbone Device, discussing the options available based on your type of cycling and flexibility and then providing a test saddle to try before you buy. (Please bring your existing saddle and/or bike to your appointment)

We offer test saddles from Fizik, Selle SMP and ISM and can also source saddles from Selle Italia and Bontrager.

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Saddle fitting


Although the position of your cleats on your cycling shoes may seem trivial, it often goes one of two ways: never noticing them again or pain. To optimize your cleat position and reduce the risk of injury or pain, we focus on the key three elements of cleat position:

- Fore-aft position
- Lateral position
- Rotation

We can either adjust and re-align your existing cleats or supply and fit new. We offer cleat fitting and alignment of SHIMANO SPD/SPD SL, LOOK or SPEEDPLAY cleats.

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