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I attended a level 2 bike fit at the start of March, and was very impressed with the experience, from start to finish.
The retul bike fit was very thorough, using sensors on my joints and shoes to calculate all relevant angles. By making adjustments to my bike, I then saw (and felt) the improvement in my riding position: I completed my first 100+ mile ride yesterday and the improvement in overall comfort and performance was measurable.
The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, and although there is a lot of top-end equipment in-store, I felt absolutely at home on my relatively basic and low-tech bike.
On prevous occasions I have been in to ask about prescription cycle glasses, and to buy drivetrain degreasing bits. Again, I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge and the helpfulness of the staff. These guys are true experts, and well worth a visit.

Rob Hillary, 5* Google Review


We decided to buy a bike each, and wanted to go to a more specialised shop. We didn’t have much knowledge of bikes and cycling, however, the staff were very helpful and still very helpful and welcoming when we have any questions. So glad to have gone to Yellow Jersey Cycles. Definitely recommend.

Eren Mutludag, 5* Google Review


After buying a new road bike I decided to book a level 2 Bike Fit with Yellow Jersey Cycles. Booking was very straightforward with advice on parking given (thanks Chris). The bike fit has transformed the comfort of the bike and corrected years of poor bike set up. I completed a 100k sportive at the weekend and the bike set up gave me the comfort and performance that was previously lacking. I'd definitely recommend Yellow Jersey Cycles to anyone considering this service.

Ritchie Blackmore, 5* Google Review


Saved my bacon…. Can’t fault these guys to be honest, took my bike on the day after gear shifter problems and dropped everything else to fix as needed to go abroad with the bike next day, really appreciated the effort the mechanics put in to sort the problem. Highly recommend these guys.

Steve Ridgley, 5* Google Review

'Bike fit at Yellow Jersey - I should have done this 3 years ago!

I thought I had set up the Kinesis correctly, but I've had a niggle for years now, so after the last 600 and the issues with the tight quads, I decided to get a bike fit before 'the Scottish ride'.

I feel rather daft for not doing it 3 years ago.

Chris at Yellow Jersey did a brilliant job. Starting with the cleats on the shoes, which were way off, and the saddle angle, handlebar angle (instant comfort improvement) and about 24mm rise in saddle height and saddle set back. Basically - it was all out!

The ride home was a real pleasure, with some near PRs on the climb into Danbury, facts as well as feelings.

I was impressed last time I used them and I'm even more impressed this time.

Jan Swanwick, Strava Comments

I was let down by another shop, but after contacting Yellow Jersey they stepped up and had my bike ready in under 24 hours. When I arrived the manager and another member of staff were welcoming, knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble even fitting the bottle cage as we spoke. The Manager went through the warranty details and how to register the bike. They had even told me the previous day where I could park for free as I had travelled 1.5 hours to get there. The shop was clean and laid out well with plenty of stock and bikes on show. Overall a great experience.'

Andrew Hutchings, Google Review

Had a 3D bike fit with the chaps at Yellow Jersey today. They were great from beginning to end, took time to explain exactly what was going on and were very helpful in getting my bike set up to my new measurements. Would definitely recommend. Great guys, great value for money too. Can’t wait to get out on my accurately sized bike!!'

Andy Godden, Google Review

'I seldom leave Google reviews for my experiences, but this one I felt was worthy of mention. I've had a recurring tendon issue in one of my legs causing a history of discomfort and suffering that required physio treatment and significant time off the saddle. Issue would creep back as soon as I hopped back on the bike (restricting me to 1-2 short rides a week), affirming that it was cycling induced.
Several at-home riding position tweaks following instructional videos (GCN, etc) did nothing. Alas, I figured it's time to go see a professional.
I was looked after by Chris, who from the get-go walked me through the process and asked me questions about my goals, and did some basic assessments on strength and flexibility. Chris was professional, transparent, and informative. The RETUL fitting took a few tries to get right, and it was sussed out that I have an asymmetry in my body which was compensated for using Chris' suggestions. Changes were made to my handlebar tilt, cleats, saddle height, saddle tilt and its position on the rails. My initial set-up was way off, by several centimetres in some cases.
Admittedly, the new position felt odd and took a few rides to get used to but is now second nature. More importantly, my tendon issue got gradually better, and now (3 months later) is a distant memory allowing me to bike 4-5 times a week on the turbo and outdoors, including the occasional 100k ride.
A 'normal' fit might suit you just fine (it didn't in my case) but really, if cycling is your hobby and you ride your bike often, the RETUL cost is an easy pill to swallow. Especially when compared to the price of any modern component that might save you a couple of watts. Remember, the human body accounts for 80% of drag on the bike, so even if risk of injury is not a consideration for you, position is far more important than any of the latest carbon piece of kit.'

Michael Onica, Google Review


'Thanks for the great service with the bike and for collecting and dropping it back.  Went out Sunday for 75 ish miles and wow - it’s like a new bike - I hadn’t realised how bad it had got until those parts were replaced. It ran like a dream - if only I could say the same for my legs!

Thanks again lads. Quality work and service.'

Brian Simmons, E-Mail

'Brilliant  service. Thoroughly recommend having your bikes serviced by Yellow Jersey Cycles. Having the bikes picked up and dropped back made it so easy too. Thank you very much.'

Tamara Nichols, Facebook Review

'Yellow Jersey is a first class cycling shop and I have visited plenty. Fantastic service and the team there definitely goes the extra mile. This is a local family business which deserves a lot of success.'

Ben Higgins, Facebook Review


'I recently bought a new Domane SLR 7 which I am delighted with, its an amazing bike. The guys at Yellow Jersey Cycles have been great from the first enquiry. The bike fit, which was an in-depth review and the final set up, were both expertly completed. Very professional and friendly service throughout, would definitely recommend.'

Roy Thorogood, E-Mail

‘Fitting was great. I just did a 200 mile charity ride over a couple of days and the fitting really was a benefit.

I always struggled with back and neck pain over distance; the fit has really, really helped to address this.

So just wanted to say thanks for a great job. Worth every penny.’

Andrew Wightman, E-Mail


‘I use Yellow Jersey Cycles regularly to service my bikes. Professional and friendly service. Can't fault. I've also purchased a bike from them which was also faultless. Highly recommended.’

Paul Hart, Google Review


‘Had a fitting with Nathan on Friday as wanted to make sure all was OK before I step up training for the RL100. Was totally worth it, with some minor adjustments and some great riding advice I extended my range from 30 to just under 45 miles this weekend. Totally recommend the fitting service and the tips and advice he gave was really appreciated! good work well appreciated’

John Barnes, Facebook Feedback


‘The bike fit has worked wonders you have applied your magic and transformed a bike I couldn’t use into a flying machine!!!’

Anthony Agius, E-Mail


‘Awesome triathlon bike fit with Nathan. He did my fit based on the bike distance of the events I have for the year knowing that whilst aero is important comfort was a huge priority.’

Candice Reid, 5* Facebook Review


‘Excellent bike shop, over for a 50m ride from Buckinghamshire with friends, girlfriends bike had a problem with rear group set, really helpful guys sorted out there and then on Sat afternoon for minimal charge - and a free coffee!

If you are local use this shop or you will lose it like we have, Buckingham Bikes closed due to internet stores and lack of support for your LBS.’

Ian Hammond, 5* Facebook Review


‘Great service and bike shop!! Really know their stuff and done a whole service with parts and kept me in the loop all the time. Even collected and dropped my bike off to me!! Will use again’

Paul Heard, 5* Facebook Review

‘This is a family owned cycle shop and I have been using them for the past year. They are so helpful and the mechanic is very knowledgeable. I would not trust my bikes to anyone else now. This is how bike shops used to be before commercialism took over, old fashion service but the most modern bike shop in the area, it is top quality, I really recommend them highly. Great job guys.’

Elaine B, TripAdvisor Review


‘Went for 3D Retul bike fit yesterday! Being a novice rider thought this was essential and the service and knowledge was 5* . Nathan was first class he talked me through the fit and gave me advice on other aspects of set up and maintenance! Worth a visit.’

Stuart Mulchinock, 5* Facebook Review


‘Awesome service, helpful and they care !

The place to go for the best service. And they know what hey are talking about.

Thanks Guys !’

Paul Doe, 5* Facebook Review


‘Nathan and Dan both extremely helpful and welcoming !! Just want to say big 'Thank you' for all your help and advice over the last few weeks happy husband!!!’

Victoria Newton, 5* Facebook Review


‘Just a short note to say thanks to everyone at Yellow Jersey Cycles for all the assistance you gave me in ordering my new Trek Project 1 and of course building it and making sure it was fitted properly, really great service!! Friendly, helpful approach from everyone helped enormously with choices and spec and following delivery, nothing has been too much trouble to explain or provide assistance.’

Dale Bailey, E-Mail


‘I just wanted to say a very big thank you to everyone at Yellow Jersey Cycles for all your assistance in firstly ordering my Trek Project One, making sure I had considered all options, and your attention to detail. Secondly receiving delivery of the bike and set up was seamless, I can't say how pleased I am with the bike, it has exceeded expectations and I'm looking forward to many happy miles.’

Many, many thanks.’

Erica Ansell, E-Mail


‘Nathan and Gary both a great help and very knowledgeable. Will give you what's right for you not just try to flog you the most exoensive gear. Highly reco.’

James Stiller, Google Review

‘Fantastic service and great knowledge of their trade. Would very much recommend the shop’

Paul Catling, Google Review


‘Very helpful staff, know their stuff and will guide you through your purchase if you need help. My bike felt better than it did new after a service here so my next bike I bought from them, then my fiancée's bike was bought here too. Really helpful with advice and a hand when needed.’

Barry Scott, Google Review


‘Really friendly and very knowledgable staff. Some great stuff in there and always seem to have the right stock and sizes in accessories and some excellent bikes. I struggle to walk in without buying something!’

Lee Manning, Google Review


‘A belated note of thanks for the bike fit you did for me on 27th March.

The results have been remarkable. The following Saturday I did a Charity ride of 104 miles. The lower back pain I had suffered pre the bike fit was non existent. The pins and needles I had been getting, in my fingers, after 10-12 miles have been greatly reduced in severity and don’t develop until much later into a longer ride. Overall comfort is much better and I now ride with my hands on the hoods! An added bonus I’ve noted is a good improvement in times over my regular routes.

I would thoroughly recommend your bike fit service and attention to detail.’

Geoff Turpin, E-Mail


‘Thank you again for the bike fit on Sunday, your patience with my simple questions, and your kind words of advice. I thought I'd drop you a quick line to say that, after 25 miles or so of cycling, the difference in comfort is quite remarkable. My knees no longer ache! I'm aiming for a couple of longer rides over the next couple of weeks and will let you know of any niggles, but early impressions are that the new setup is superb.’

Paul Measday, E-Mail


‘Put my bike in for a service and some new pedals, now it feels better than it did brand new. Top service and nice friendly people who appeared happy to help with my numerous questions’

Barry Scott, Facebook


‘I had a Retul fitting a couple of Saturdays ago – Boardman Air 9.8 elite. Sorry for the slow feedback. I haven’t had the time to ride the bike “in anger” since the fitting. I did ride it the next day for a short while and it seemed fine if a little odd in the new set up. I thought that this was more about me though than the bike set up so I decided to keep the settings unchanged.

I’m just back from the European 70.3 Ironman Championships so I’ve been able to test it under race conditions. The 90km bike course was rolling hills rather than mountain climbs but it wasn’t flat. I haven’t crossed checked all my bike leg times but I think I did a personal best by 4 to 5 mins. What’s better still is that I was really comfortable on the ride and didn’t notice the bike (if you get what I mean). I’m sure I remained in the saddle at lot long too going up hills.


I was sceptical about the shorter set up but it seems that the Retul numbers work. I even managed to flatten my foot angle and to keep my knees in the same vertical plane up and down!’

Mike Hannay, E Mail


‘Excellent service, and great Bikefit - well worth it. Great advice from Nathan (and for free) :-) Thanks guys - can't recommend you enough.’

Keith Boyles, Facebook


‘I have done several rides since Easter upto about 2 hours in duration, and find that I now don't suffer from back pain at all - previously I was having to stop after 30 minutes or so and stretch my back, and the pain would then continue throughout the rest of the ride, and I would have to stop repeatedly. I can now cycle continuously without having to stop and without pain - so your adjustments have certainly worked successfully.

Although it was extremely short notice, Nathan very kindly did the adjustments as soon as I arrived at the shop and I was able to wait while he did both bikes and then carry on to my meeting - very efficient!

Please pass on my thanks to Dan for making the arrangements, and especially to Nathan for being so willing to have his day disrupted in order to sort me out, and for the care he took over making the adjustments. It was an excellent service and went way beyond what one could reasonably have expected.

Thanks again to everyone at Yellow Jersey for all your help in getting my bikes (and my back!) sorted out for me, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.’

Jeremy Batchelor, E Mail


‘Thank you @YellowJerseyGB for sorting the gears and chain on my @boardman_bikes air pro c. Gr8 service & it has never run so well #topjob’

Paul Broughton, Twitter


‘Many thanks for such a meticulous service with the bike fit. I took both the TT and race bike straight to Hog Hill for 2hr test ride, not only did i feel more powerful, they're more comfortable too. Despite the large adjustments I've had no difficulties with cramp or stiffness - thanks again.’

Richard Price, E Mail

‘Just had my bike serviced by these guys. Rides like a dream now. Awesome. Can highly recommend.’

James Hamilton, Google Review


‘Excellent cycling shop, did a repair for me on the fly one day, not too costly in terms of servicing either. Staff helpful and the cycling porn is good.’

Christian Ward, Google Review


‘Back from a 3D Retul bike fitting @YellowJerseyGB Was fascinating & Chris/Dan definitely know they're stuff. Thanks guys, bike feels great!

Had my Retul fitting buddy. Def worth doing & @YellowJerseyGB to be recommended. Small changes made, but wow what a difference!’

Mark Huxley, Lamb Creative Marketing


‘Yellow Jersey have been absolutely brilliant to deal with and I can't praise them enough. Not just in sourcing and prepping my new bike to exactly the spec I wanted but also in my Retul bike fit and the excellent full service and polish they did on my old bike. Thoroughly recommended.’

Pete Croney, Swift Brickwork

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