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bike box hire

from £10 per day

If you're thinking of travelling abroad with your bike and don't want to pay for your own bike box, we can help with our Bike Box Hire service. We only hire Bike Box Alan boxes, the strongest bike boxes available. Made from a patented material and a unique one-piece anti-crush steel pole, it’s as close to indestructible as you can get.

We have 6 boxes available to hire : 4 of the standard Premium Bike Box - compatible with all popular bikes – road, TT, Tri, mountain, hybrid and even 29″ers and 2 of the NEW, Tri/Aero EasyFit boxes - ALL triathlon and road bikes fit without having to remove bars!

There is lots of detailed information below together with links on how to pack your bike (in the Premium Bike Box), our terms and conditions and a booking link. Please read the Terms & Conditions before booking. 

You can collect your box from our shop or request delivery to your home address, please see the link below for our free delivery area.

Bike Box Alan Final_edited.png

PREMIUM BIKE BOX (4 available)

£10 per day/£50 per week (7 days)

The Premium Bike Box is the ultimate award winning bike box made in Britain that will hold most road bikes.

Not suitable for Touring Bikes with Racks and/or Mudguards.

Triathlon Bikes will only fit if handlebars can be removed.



£15 per day/£75 per week (7 days)

No removal of handlebar / TT Bars, just wheels and pedals!

The Triathlon Aero Easyfit is the latest addition to our range. The Easyfit is the biggest bike box available anywhere, so it should be no surprise that all Triathlon and Road bikes fit, with plenty of space for wet suits, shoes and Kit.

How to pack a PREMIUM Bike Box


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