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Personal Consultation

We offer unbiased, friendly and informative advice and service on all types of cycling and all types of bikes, 7 days a week. Just pop in the shop and Rich, Dan or Chris will be very happy to help.

However, there are occasions when you might need to plan for a specific time with one of our experienced sales consultants

  1. Are you new to cycling and need to spend a bit more time understanding what you need?

  2. Would you prefer to book a 1:1 consultation with an experienced bike fitter, technician and product expert?

  3. Are you looking for a bike built to your exact requirements i.e. riding style, colour, size, components etc.?

  4. Do you have lots of questions or concerns that you would like explained in much more detail?

  5. Are you considering upgrading your current bike and need extra help to explore your options?

  6. Do you want to discuss finance in more detail?

  7. Do you just want to ensure there is someone free at a date and time of your choosing?

…or any other reason?

We offer a FREE, no obligation, Personal Purchase Consultation during most Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays.

The initial Personal Purchase Consultation can be booked for 1 hour and can involve discussing one or several of the following

  • Riding style

  • Cycling experience

  • Personal goals

  • Explanation of bike geometry

  • Basic bike fitting procedures

  • Clothing and accessories

  • Off the shelf models or personal specification

  • Component upgrades

  • Basic maintenance

  • Finance options available

To book your consultation which is FREE with no purchase obligation, please click the 'Book Now' button below.

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