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Your bike fit questions answered. If you don't see the answer to your question on this page please CONTACT US.

1. What defines a good bike fit?

In our view, a good bike fit tailors the bike, equipment and riding position to best suit the rider's body type, race or performance goals, flexibility and injury history. The aim of every fit is to provide the rider with a position on their bike that is stable, comfortable, powerful, aerodynamic (where necessary) and reduces the risk of injury. For triathlon and duathlon competitors post bike run performance must also be taken into consideration.

No two fits are ever the same, because no two bike fit clients are the same.

2. Do I need a bike fit?

The answer is probably. There are very few riders that would not benefit from an accurate bike fit in some way. Whether you're an elite level athlete looking at improving race day performance or a new and inexperienced rider looking to improve comfort or reduce injury risk an accurate bike fit can help. Just because a rider is not getting injured does not mean their bike position is optimal. Many of the worlds highest level pro riders turn to Retul certified bike fitting experts to tune their positions and gain every last second on the bike.


3. When are bike fitting bookings available?

Level 1, 2 and 3 are available at Yellow Jersey Cycles at different times, please check the ON-LINE BOOKING for availability.


4. What should I bring with me?

  • Your bike (unless you're coming for a pre purchase fit on our fully adjustable fitting bike)

  • Clip on tri bars - If you're being fitted for a tri position on a road bike, remember your clip on bars

  • Cycling shorts

  • Cycling Jersey (preferably sleeveless for Retul fits as it helps with accurate positioning of the measurement LED's)

  • Clipless cycling shoes

  • Clipless pedals (we cannot complete a Retul fit without clipless pedals)

  • Aero helmet - If you intend to race with an aero helmet on the bike being fitted, bring it with you


5. What's the difference between your levels of fit?

The Level 1 fit uses more traditional bike fitting methods including goniometer measurement, plumb bob measurement and works primarily in 2D. The Level 1 fit offers a good level of fit accuracy and is ideal for those on their first bike wishing to check their existing position and to determine their ideal position to suit their body type, flexibility and cycling goals.

The Level 2 fit uses Retul 3D motion capture technology to take measurements directly from the rider while they're riding under a realistic load on the bike or fitting jig. Retul is the only dynamic measurement tool that offers sub millimeter levels of accuracy and our Retul fitter is Retul certified, having been trained by one of the most respected, knowledgeable and experienced bike fitters. The Level 2 fit is the best bike fit available and looks at every aspect of the rider's interaction with the bike.

The Level 3 fit is the same process as the Level 2 fit, but applies to 1 rider with 2 types of bike or 2 riders with 1 bike each.


6. What does it cost?

For current prices and booking see the ON-LINE BOOKING page


7. Will it make me faster?

In the short term an accurate bike fit may not make you faster. It will however make you more comfortable and put you in a riding position where you have the most potential to achieve your optimum results. Over the long term you should see performance gains from an accurate and suitable fit.


8. Do I have to be buying a bike to get a fit from you?

No. We're happy to fit you on any type or brand of bike, whether it be a road bike, time trial/triathlon bike or mountain bike. Riders of all disciplines and performance levels from novice to world class will benefit from an accurate bike fit.


9. How do I book?

Please use our ON-LINE BOOKINGIf you have any questions regarding booking or fitting, please CONTACT US

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