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Level 1. 2D Bike Fit

Approx 75 mins - £84.99

Includes the positional setup of one bike.

The Level 1 bike fit option uses traditional static bike fit measurements while the rider is stationary on the bike. An excellent choice for people who need general guidance on a suitable set-up for their existing bike or general advice on position, cycling style or even moving to clipless pedals.


Level 2. 3D Dynamic fit using Retul motion tracking system

Approx 2hrs 30mins - £144.99

Includes the positional setup of one bike.

This is the fit we'd recommend for most people who already have a bike and are looking to optimise their position for best comfort and power output. This bike fit service looks at the every aspect of the riders anatomy, strength, flexibility and interaction with the bike. The process starts with a flexibility and lower limb anatomy assessment. The rider is then asked to ride in their current position and measurements taken from both sides to set a baseline and check for imbalances. Measurements are taken while riding at a constant power output to ensure consistency between measurement sets. All measurements taken can be viewed by both the rider and fitter during the fit process. Adjustments are then made based on judgements by the fitter and feedback from the rider followed by further measurements and adjustments as needed. Throughout the process the aim of each adjustment is explained. The adjustment/measurement process is repeated until the fitter confirms that the position sits within the recommended angle ranges and suits the riders body type, riding style, injury history and race goals and the rider is both comfortable and powerful.

The Retul 3D motion tracking system works by placing infra red LED's on key joints of the rider. An infra red scanner is then used to track the motion in 3 dimensions of these points while riding. Dynamic measurement ensures complete accuracy, while 3D tracking allows the fitter to view and correct lateral knee movement. Retul is the most powerful and accurate measurement tool available to bike fitters and is used by top pro teams for fitting and bike set up.

Once the bike fit process is complete, the Retul Zin tool is used to record the bike set-up and produce a detailed PDF report which can be used to replicate the position on any other similar bike.


Level 3. 3D Dynamic fit using Retul motion tracking system

Approx 4hrs £249.99

Includes the set-up of one rider on two different types of bike.

This option is for ONE RIDER with TWO different types of bike (ie. road, time trial/triathlon or MTB). The fit process is identical to the Level 2 fit but the additional time allows fitting the rider to more than one style of bike



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