Cycle Insurance from Yellow Jersey

Cycle Insurance from Yellow Jersey, designed to provide you, our fellow cyclists, with cover for all your bicycles whilst riding, travelling and racing.

Protect your passion with Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance in minutes on-line now. We offer a 60% discount on all additional bicycles and race cover as standard. Buy now


What does Cycle Insurance with Yellow Jersey get you?

As cyclists ourselves we spent a lot of time uncovering the best approach to cycle insurance. We decided to create a totally inclusive package. We know it’s difficult making the compromise between cover for price when you are insuring your prized possession. We have not compromised on any element. Having looked at cycle cover on home insurance, British Cycling insurance and compared cycle insurance providers, we believe we have come up with something unique. We cover a multitude of benefits but at its core, when you insure one or all of your bicycles with Yellow Jersey, our cycle insurance cover provides great quality protection for theft and crash damage, training and racing, in the UK and abroad.

No matter if you pedal hard racing crits on your road bike, take part in mass participation sportives or simply enjoy a run with friends, at Yellow Jersey we understand we all ride our bikes for different reasons. Therefore we know you also have different reasons for buying cycle insurance. Bike values are on the increase and if your concern is the safety of your bike away from the home when you travel to a race, crash damage during a race or simply making sure you have adequate cover for an expensive fleet of bikes at home, with Yellow Jersey you’re covered!

Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance are Proud Sponsors of Matrix Pro Cycling, the team of double Olympic gold medallist Laura Trott

When you buy cycle insurance with Yellow Jersey the policy includes the following:

  • You can insure single cycles up to £15K which are covered for theft and accidental damage as standard. Most insurance comes with theft and accidental damage you might say! But the devil is in the detail. We have removed many of the restrictive clauses you might find in a home insurance policy and from other standalone cycle insurance providers.
  • We give everyone a 60% Multi-bicycle discount as standard. If you own a winter training bicycle in addition to your ‘best’ bike, or perhaps you also have a mountain bike and CX bike, we will offer a 60% discount on all additional bicycles – after all you can only ride one at a time!
  • A single policy can be used for up to £50,000 combined bicycle value and our policy has Family Cover as standard. Our 60% Multi-cycle discount applies across your family fleet.
  • Competition Cover – Including crash damage, race wheels, race cancellation cover, and liability cover irrespective of organising body.
  • Cover for owned or hired bike boxes, including damage to the box or the bicycle when in an aircraft hold.
  • International cover for you and your bicycle. If you love winter training camps or racing abroad we include cover for your cycles worldwide.
  • FREE DNA+ forensic coding included with every Yellow Jersey cycle insurance policy

These benefits come in addition to an array of other covers that can be viewed by clicking the “Cover” tab above.

Protect your passion with Yellow Jersey. Cycle Insurance in minutes on-line now. We offer a 60% discount on all additional bicycles and race cover as standard. Buy now


Why choose Yellow Jersey to insure your bicycle?

There are lots of reasons why you should get specific insurance for bicycles. These include:

  • Cycle Insurance claims will have no effect on your home insurance no claims bonus.
  • At Yellow Jersey cycle insurance we do not you charge you extra at renewal if you’ve made a claim.
  • Comprehensive cycle insurance cover even includes picking you up from wherever you are in the event of an accident or mechanical failing.

We have created a truly comprehensive package and have priced it effectively.

Protect your passion with Yellow Jersey. Pedal Cycle Insurance in minutes on-line now. We offer a 50% discount on all additional bicycles and race cover as standard. Buy now


Yellow Jersey: Protect your passion with arguably the best bicycle insurance policy on the market.

Yellow Jersey Cycling Insurance was established because we wanted fellow riders to enjoy the benefits of the best bicycle insurance policy on the market in the UK.

Yellow Jersey Cycling Insurance is owned and managed by a family run, established UK insurance broker. Three of the directors, enthusiastic cyclists and triathletes, realised that existing insurance options, through home insurance and other stand-alone cycle insurance providers, didn’t offer a product that met all of our needs.

Yellow Jersey Insurance: More to it than just bicycle theft insurance

Why do we think the Yellow Jersey bicycle insurance policy is the best on the market? As enthusiasts, we found we weren’t covered under a single policy for the things we needed the most. Things like racing home and abroad or when our bike was packed up in it’s box and manhandled by baggage handlers. With several bikes to insure we just didn’t trust our home insurance could deliver whilst other stand-alone products were complex, confusing and not easy to set-up.

In other words, we couldn’t find a comprehensive, single policy that not only protected our bikes from theft, but also offered a range of damage covers, including travel abroad and competition, as well as liability cover for ourselves.

As well as being cyclists and triathletes we have twenty five years insurance experience, so we consulted our clubmates and fellow riders and put our passion, cycling insight and commercial expertise into providing something cyclists and triathletes could rely on. As a result, a standard bicycle insurance policy from Yellow Jersey includes:

  • Crash damage cover
  • Competition cover
  • Cover for owned or hired bike boxes
  • International cover for you and your bicycle
  • Transition area cover
  • 3rd party liability
  • Free DNA+ forensic coding included with every policy

Yellow Jersey Insurance: A common sense approach to bicycle insurance quotes

Beyond our cycling knowledge and our insurance insight, we also felt that many existing policies on the market simply didn’t seem to use common sense. We offer a significant, 60% discount on cover when it comes to covering your second (or more) bicycle. This isn’t out of the goodness of our hearts – but a recognition that you can only be riding one at a time, so the likelihood of 2 or more of your bikes being damaged in the same crash seemed… low! We felt it was right to reflect that in sensible pricing.

Yellow Jersey: Making bicycle insurance quotes online easy.

  • We will provide bicycle insurance cover that is tailored specifically to your passion.
  • We believe in quality cover that can be relied upon.
  • We believe in providing excellent customer service.
  • We believe in providing a promise of service for all claims.
  • Ultimately, we are committed to protecting you, your kit and your cycles
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